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The purpose of Camp McCumber is to provide and maintain an outdoor camping facility that is available to organizations and groups for an affordable daily or weekly fee. 

The first camps at Camp McCumber date back to 1952, with the first 0rganized camps in 1954 by the Camp Fire Organization and the YMCA.  In 1972, the founding organizations -Shasta YMCA, Chico YMCA, Camp Fire Organization, and Camp Woodhill - together led by Dr. Gilbert Collyer decided to Incorporate and become Camp McCumber Corporation, a non-profit organization. Member organizations may change over time, and must be committed to helping run the organization and appointing Board Members.  

The land that Camp McCumber is located on is owned by Pacific Gas and Electric Company and leased by the Camp McCumber Corporation. 

​Camp McCumber Corporation maintains a Board of Directors to provide policy, budget and oversight for the Camp.  Each Member Organization is responsible for appointing volunteer Board Members.  Officers of the Board are appointed including President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. A record of discussions and decisions are recorded for every Board meeting.  The Board meets monthly or as needed. 

​Current Member Organizations as of January 2022 include:

  • Shasta Family YMCA (1972)

  • Lions Clubs in District 4 –C1 (1983)

For a list of current Board Members, see Our Board.

​Funds received from renting the facility are utilized to manage and run the camp facility and operations, upgrade the Camp as needed, maintain the camp as needed, and insure we provide the best Camp facilities possible. User Rental Rates are established by the Board for Member and Non-member Groups each year. All donations to the Camp are used for the maintenance and improvement of the grounds and facilities.

​The Camp employs a Camp Manager who typically lives on site year round. The Board of Directors defines their duties and responsibilities. Additional various seasonal staff is needed each year -- Kitchen Manager, Cook, Assistant Cook, Kitchen Assistants, Custodian and Maintenance.  In addition, Camp relies on volunteers to help around the facility, including Camp Hosts, who live on site in return for work around camp.

​All staff and volunteers must complete background checks and drug testing and be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. 

​Payroll and accounting services are provided by Byzick and Company of Redding, CA.

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