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major projects

Camp McCumber is in the process of updating its' strategic plans and visions for Camp. Here are some big ticket items we have on our horizon: 

Bathroom / Showerhouse.  Replacement of existing bathroom/shower building (in newtown) and its septic system with a bathroom and shower building with separate staff toilets/shower.  High level estimates this will cost us $300,000 for planning and permits, structure, fixtures, septic system, etc. 

Walk-in Refrigerator. We need more room in our kitchen, so we want to remodel and install a walk-in refrigerator In freezer combination so that we have more kitchen prep area to serve our campers.  Estimates for custom refrigerator / freezer is $50,000.

Camp has savings for these projects and we will attempt to obtain grants, matching grants, and other funding for this endeavor. 

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